Lightyear (2022) Review

After getting marooned on a different planet we see Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear attempt to return home not only for himself but for the rest of the crew and people, but when he encounters some robots commanded by Zurg who want to steal the fuel resource he developed.


Lightyear was always going to be a rather interesting film, considering that it isn’t really a Toy Story film. As we are told at the start Buzz Lightyear came from Andy’s favourite movie, and this is that movie! I mean that was a nice little thing to try and tie it all in I guess but given the year 2022 and then 1995 for the first Toy Story times and things have changed, so in a way that link doesn’t really make much sense.

Anyway, we are given another planet with Lightyear and his trusty Space Ranger partner Alisha Hawthorne as we see them attempt to get back home after getting stuck on a planet. Although with Buzz then entering the shuttle they had no idea that if it did not work to get him to the high speed the consequences of this which was years passing for the people on the marooned planet.

This then created a rather sad story which I quite frankly was not expecting, with each effort that failed his friend got older and older much quicker than the minutes it felt for him to be gone. She got married and had a baby, then when Buzz eventually comes up with a solution thanks to his robot pet cat Sox he then must actually work with Alisha’s granddaughter Izzy!

Along with Mo Morrison and Darby Steel the four (or give with Sox) become a team, not that Buzz actually wants to work as a team. I guess that’s another small Toy Story link, but in the end he eventually realises that actually working with others and together can really help the situations they end up in. I mean if only he had tried working with others earlier?

The plot of the film is perfectly ok, nothing amazing or anything though. I think the scene stealing moments certainly came from Sox who was a big hit with my Godson Daniel who is 7 years old, he was laughing plenty in those scenes.

Chris Evans was a good choice for the voice of Buzz Lightyear as let’s face it who doesn’t love just everything he does? Keke Palmer and Taki Waititi were the pick of the supporting characters in terms of voice work for me, with the latter still managing to be hilarious at times.

In all honesty though for this film I wasn’t really sure what to expect so didn’t really have any expectations and it is watchable with some nice moments, plus you can always appreciate just how stunning Pixar films look!

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