The Courier (2020) Review

Greville Wynne a businessman is asked by a Russian source to try and help put an end to the Cuban Missile Crisis, it doesn’t take long though for everything to become blurred and does he actually know what he has been transporting and actually becoming a spy.


Oleg Penkovsky is a Soviet official and intelligence officer and has access to top secret nuclear information and is taking great risks in getting the message out to the Americans. The CIA and MI6 decide that the best approach then for this very dangerous exchange is to actually not use a spy and get an ordinary businessman to act as a middle man, that being Greville Wynne. Who is to go about his business in a manner that will not cause any suspicion. Although due to a past infidelity the only person who is actually suspicious of him to begin with is his wife!

Even early on within the story you can see that it is not really going to end well for Wynne and that the chance of him ending up in prison would be very high. Given the fact though that he was not actually a spy he did not have any information and more just transported the documents. Not that the Soviets were going to believe that of course but it certainly makes for some very tense torture scenes.

The level of suspense that is easily built up throughout this film really does make it fantastic viewing at times and that has to be nothing but a massive compliment. You feel as though you fully go on the journey with Wynne and feel everything that he goes through as the story progresses.

Benedict Cumberbatch is fantastic in the leading role and it always feels as though he was made to play characters from old time periods as he just looks so comfortable and that is no different in this film. I absolutely love following the career of Jessie Buckley and she is certainly more in a supporting role in this one, but I just enjoy seeing all the different genres she is working across.

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