Jurassic World Dominion (2022) Review

Four years after the destruction of Isla Nobler and the dinosaurs now live and hunt alongside humans all over the world, creating a rather difficult and strange civilisation. Things are about to take another turn when crops are destroyed by locust which were thought to be extinct.


Claire Dearing is attempting to protect dinosaurs from illegal breeding organisations and rescuing them from that environment in an attempt to save the world from more hybrids. Along with that she is living with Owen Grady and they are trying to protect Maisie Lockwood from those who want her, given the fact that she is a granddaughter of Sir Benjamin Lockwood. It also seems that Blue the Raptor trained by Owen has followed them and has her own offspring!

The locust that are destroying different crops and food supply is a massive threat to the world! Dr Ellie Sattler has made a discovery that they only destroy non Biosyn produced crops and she wants nothing more than to get to the truth behind this. With help from her former partner Dr Alan Grant they quickly get to the headquarters thanks to old friend Dr Ian Malcolm.

Basically the film has the two stories running parallel which even in the early stages it is clear that they will eventually meet and mash together, which in all honesty worked out rather nicely. Having the original three characters back for this film was really a key aspect for my enjoyment, I wasn’t a big fan of Fallen Kingdom and I felt this was a nice way to pull it all back. A mixture of the older characters, who were all still totally awesome and then the little Easter eggs or maybe that should be dinosaur eggs towards the original film was a lovely little touch.

We get some fantastic action sequences and have plenty of different dinosaurs involved throughout the whole film. A special mention has to be made for the car/motorbike and raptor chase, I really thought that was great at setting the action tone very early on. Then actually having epic dinosaur battles as well was something that certainly added to thinking about the battle across the world and the whole man versus dinosaur existence.

My actual enjoyment levels are probably higher than the three stars I have awarded the film and my heart probably wanted to award it with four stars. However, the reasons I ended up downgrading to the three stars was because the locust aspect when you think about the dinosaurs was a little bit poor in that sense. Then the fact of all the holding your hand up and the dinosaurs responding to it became a little bit too much. On the whole though I really did enjoy the balance of the old and new characters, coming together at the perfect time. A villain to really dislike, then better development for other characters as well. Not forgetting the return to talking about DNA and I felt that brought everything nicely full circle from the start with John Hammond.

Laura Dern, Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum all really do steal each and every scene they are in, I was actually a little bit nervous before watching the film as I had seen odd tweets that they weren’t in the film that much but that certainly wasn’t the case at all. Everything was all balanced out Bryce Dallas Howard and DeWanda Wise are both given some kick ass moments. Isabella Sermon was impressive enough as well as Mamoudou Athie. Chris Pratt was much better in this one than Fallen Kingdom and that is probably because of the shared screen time with the different characters.

The bad reviews surrounding this film are a little bit surprising now that I have seen the film given that it is a hell of a lot better than Fallen Kingdom! Nothing is ever really going to be able to rival Jurassic Park, so maybe lower your expectations for Dominion and you might just enjoy it so much more!

4 thoughts on “Jurassic World Dominion (2022) Review

    • Yeah I seem to be in the minority of liking it. I literally went straight from a rewatch of Jurassic Park into it so maybe the nostalgia got me!


  1. My wife had the cast members on The Kelly Clarkson Show and they were very proud of how they wrapped the series and brought back original Actors as well…Jeff Goldblum was on the show and he is hilariously insightful!

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