Top Gun: Maverick (2022) Review

After more than thirty years of service as one of the top aviators in the Navy, Pete Mitchell still a Captain is still pushing the boundaries and avoiding advancing in rank which would see him grounded. He is about to make an unexpected return to Top Gun.


Maverick still up to his old tricks of not actually doing what he is supposed to, sees him being sent back to Top Gun as an instructor for what seems like a truly impossible mission. Helped by his lifelong friend Iceman throughout his time in the Navy we are lead to believe that he really had his back and was forever his wingman it seems!

With that the leading pilots are all called in and had recently been Top Gun graduates, including Goose’s son Rooster. Now this was going to create a problem as we see that the pair were not on speaking terms anymore, due to Maverick delaying his military career by four years after having his enlisting papers rejected.

Along with becoming a teacher he also attempts to rebuild a relationship with Penny Benjamin who he had just left three years earlier on his last mission. Would the same thing happen again or is he destined to constantly let people down and still haunted by the death of his best friend, even after all that time.

The mixture of nostalgic moments and the new characters and mission really does work in the most kick ass of ways and that is something that you cannot help but enjoy so much! Like seriously I was excited to see this film as I adore Top Gun and the extra long wait we have had for this film since 2020 just as the cinemas closed was more than worth it! I cannot even begin to describe how happy that makes me feel, I mean it had everything I had hoped for and even more on top of that.

The scene with Maverick and Iceman was certainly very touching given the health problems Val Kilmer has had in recent years and that quickly brought tears to my eyes that is for sure! Actually a few different moments made me fill up and feel extremely emotional, which is another top compliment for the film.

Hangman saw himself as the Top Top Gun and wasn’t afraid for everyone to know that, having a rivalry with Goose. Surely that is a link we can easily see from film one? Then we get another beach scene but this time it isn’t volleyball and American football instead!

Tom Cruise is utterly brilliant in this film and quite frankly it just looks like he is having so much damn fun from start to finish, it’s like he has waited for this amount of time for this story to happen and its just great to witness. He had good chemistry with Jennifer Connelly and I really was more than onboard with that relationship. Miles Teller is great right? I certainly think he has had some great roles and he is very impressive in this one, perfect casting for how much he looks like Anthony Edwards did in the original. Kilmer’s short cameo tugged at the heartstrings and was just lovely. Jon Hamm always adds some charisma. Charles Parnell and Bashir Salahuddin were both given some good moments as well.

The scenes within the planes were rather good as well, and so loud! It really did have so much going for it and the action sequences were impressive and enjoyable enough and makes me really pleased that Tom Cruise did not want CGI used for the aerial shots.

I also loved the dedicated to Tony Scott in the closing credits, a lovely touch.

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