The Young Victoria (2009) Review

A look into the first years of Queen Victoria’s rule in the United Kingdom, and her romance with Prince Albert.


Victoria is dominated by her possessive mother and bullied by the consort and as a teen she is struggling to cope with all of this and refuses to let them act on her behalf in the final days of her Uncle’s ruling. Her German cousin Albert was originally brought in in an attempt to have political motives but he ends up falling in love with her and the feeling was mutual.

The whole story though doesn’t really offer anything shocking or even fully interesting or engaging, which was a shame really. I felt as though it tried to push an agenda and view of what Queen Victoria was like and it fell rather flat at times because it was a little dull and boring, it surely could have been so much more?

We get a balance of the ruling and then the romance and it works out in an ok manner, but I felt as though seeing how strong she was as the biggest highlight. The costumes and setting helped to create the right type of environment and that was rewarded with an Oscar win. Something that always looks good in this type of film!

In all honesty I am not even sure how I have missed watching this film over the years considering that I do enjoy a Royal Family based films and in particular historic ones. Also Emily Blunt, I mean come on I have seen the majority of her filmography. I feel as though Emily Blunt made this film and was utterly the best thing about the whole film, which I guess she had to be as she had to carry it throughout.

Along with Blunt leading the film we do get a rather talent array of British acting talent in the film. With Rupert Friend taking on the role of Prince Albert and the tension between Friend and Blunt was decent enough. I loved that Jim Broadbent was in the film, although not obviously the biggest of roles. With Paul Bettany and Miranda Richardson having good moments. Mark Strong is an actor I am a big fan of so its always enjoyable when he is in a film.

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