Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) Review

Dr. Stephen Strange must deal with the impact he has had on not only his universe but the multiverse and when his dreams begin to feel extremely real, America Chavez showing up is about to blow everything he knew wide open!


Attempting to come to terms with the choices he has made in his life and wondering if he can or will ever actually be happy Stephen Strange is about to go on the most bizarre journey so far, when the girl from his dream shows up in reality and informs him that it wasn’t actually a dream it was another reality in the multiverse and what he was “dreaming” about had actually happened to another version of himself.

From that point I knew this film was going to have plenty of complex moments as we were about to travel through the multiverse, having had visitors in Spider-Man it is a concept that is now opening up within the Marvel Universe and really forcing it to expand in new and different ways. Having seen the awful choice the Dr Strange made in that universe our Strange is determined to prove that they are not all the same to America.

America Chavez as it turns out is one of a kind and she can actually travel across the Multiverse and has never actually managed to find another version of herself. Her power is the capability of moving through them, although she cannot control it. When attempting to find out who or what is hunting her through them Strange enlisted the help of not only Wong but Wanda not realising that she had almost fully turned into the Scarlett Witch and was actually the one wanting America to steal her power. All to take over and be a mother to the children she believes were real (hello, WandaVision link).

From those events this leads Strange and America on a mission to try and stop Wanda, this includes traveling around the multiverse. I am not going to reveal too much about this as it would spoil parts of the plot, I will say though that one moment really had me thinking WOW and wanting to cheer! The thing is though opening the multiverse really does create so many more moments that Marvel can either bring together or actually go off on a different tangent altogether.

The story is very much Wanda’s as much as it is for Doctor Strange and that works so well for both characters who have quite possibly always deserved a little bit more attention? I have to admit though that I wasn’t actually expecting everything to be so deep for the characters and the fact that the asking of being happy for Strange was hard hitting and quite frankly don’t we all just want to be happy? With Wanda I guess she actually just wants to be happy as well, but the way she is going about that doesn’t really work out as she longs for the children she truly believes that she should have.

Then overall we actually get very dark moments and some quite frankly horror moments, I would be very cautious letting very young children watch this one as it is certainly not the same as other Marvel films and some death scenes are rather brutal! That was a factor that actually made the film better for me, along with some truly stunning visual moments and the colours used were just great to watch.

Performance wise you have to give it to Benedict Cumberbatch for playing many different versions of the character and ensuring that they all had quirky differences so we knew which one was “our” Strange or should that just be the one we know the most. Elizabeth Olsen is great as well, maybe overlooked until WandaVision but I am so pleased she was given so many brilliant moments within this film. Benedict Wong was again great, but we have grown to expect just that. Newcomer to the universe Xochitl Gomez was a breath of fresh air and fit in so nicely with the already established cast. Rachel McAdams being back was something that excited me and so pleased she was also given plenty of good moments to work with.

Considering I wasn’t actually sure what to expect from this film having Madness in the title was quite frankly a perfect choice, it was a little bit mad and dark but it also had those deep events at its very core and for that reason it was so impressive!

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