Downton Abbey: A New Era (2022) Review

The Crawley family are about to embark on another adventure when finding out that Violet has inherited a villa in the South of France. Then at Downton they are being used to make a film.


This film is a follow up from the 2019 film where the Crawley family and Downton staff received a royal visit from the King and Queen of the United Kingdom. This time we get to see that Downton is struggling and they are in desperate need of a refurb for different areas of the house.

Lady Mary is beginning to takeover at Downton and she is allowed to run with the idea of a film crew using the place for a new silent film which was all the rage at this time, although the talkies are starting to make more money and take over. The film crew excites the staff more than the family and they cannot wait to meet Guy Dexter and Myrna Dalgleish.

Robert then embarks on a trip to the South of France for this villa that his mother had been left, considering that this was by a man that she had spent only one week with about a year before he was born! Taking the majority of the family along for the ride and leaving Mary at Downton to deal with the film crew.

From the start of the film the ending is actually quite obvious, but I don’t feel as though that made much of a difference as it was still extremely enjoyable throughout. Considering I had never actually watched the TV series before seeing the 2019 film I then obviously went away and binge-watched it all and fell in love with all of the characters and the drama of it all. This film gives fans another opportunity to see these characters who have been so built up over the years.

The two storylines running alongside each other worked well, and raising questions on how Mary would deal with the absence of her husband especially when she was getting close to film director Jack Barber. Her relationship with her Grandmother was always one of the best things about the series and that is no different within the film where it is even claimed that she would become her! That all feeling like it was the passing of the Downton crown and in good fashion. Interesting to see the issues that actors who were in the silent films would face as talkies became more popular, showing that beauty was not everything and you had to actually have a voice to be able to talk as well.

Then the mystery with Violet’s relationship with the Frenchman and how your past sometimes does not need to be revealed with your family. I thought that was all quite a nice little touch to be honest as it makes you wonder what you might not actually know about your grandparents or parents and thinking everything they ever did was just good or right, when quite frankly that might not always be the case!

The film probably won’t gain any new fans on a standalone viewing but for fans of the original series and previous film this will certainly fill a gap left by these characters!

One thought on “Downton Abbey: A New Era (2022) Review

  1. Thanks for this insightful review…I’m so eager for this, and a number of the cast members are appearing on my wife’s show this week to promote it – they are always fun to have on!


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