The Cher Show (UK Tour) Review

Star – Debbie Kurup
Lady – Danielle Steers
Babe – Millie O’Connell
Sonny Bono – Lucas Rush

Venue: Sunderland Empire

Date: Tuesday 26th April 2022


I remember being in New York back in November 2018 and The Cher Show made its Broadway debut, I didn’t manage to see the new jukebox musical on that trip so when a U.K. tour was announced for 2022 it was certainly a musical I was going to see!

Cher is a true icon and legend of not only the music world but also on screen, an Oscar winning actress tor her role in Moonstruck, which came out in 1987 and the win happening in 1988.

I actually had no idea on how the format of the musical was going to work in terms of the story, so that was quite nice to just see on the night at the show. We have three Cher’s, each representing different stages of her life and career, which often go hand in hand.

Babe, the dreamer and young version who at 16 moves out of the home with her mother to pursue a career and meets Sonny Bono. Played so innocently by Millie O’Connell capturing the naive nature to begin with and a teen falling in love while trying to work out what she really wants for herself.

Lady is the transition to where Cher really sticks up and looks out for herself. As Sonny’s controlling treatment becomes too much, she must break free and be her own woman. Danielle Steers has such an incredible voice and it was fantastic to see her on stage again, I was lucky enough to see her in the original cast of Bat Out of Hell and she is an outstanding talent. Again getting to showcase her unreal vocals throughout this show, she really is on another level.

Star has had so much success and it feels as though it is impossible to stay at the top, can a comeback happen? Working in films and being on Broadway was something totally different. Debbie Kurup has such incredible stage presence that she really was so amazing in this role, having that edge and charisma to be so believable.

Lucas Rush needs to be mentioned as well for his portrayal as Sonny and he certainly added some very nice (and not so nice) moments while the story of the relationship was being told. He brought comedic moments though and in all honesty other than “Got You Babe” I didn’t really know much about Sonny and Cher or the show they did!

Throughout telling the story which goes through the years and even decades, with each Cher taking centre stage for the different parts, the other two are still around and we get to hear them altogether throughout which really compliments the songs and shared the pressure of becoming the icon. I have to admit that I learnt quite a few things as well about Cher, a tough life at times and having to really push herself to stardom.

So many of Cher’s hits are packed into the show and help tell the story, which means that some aren’t following the same chronological order as the story. But that actually works in the shows favour as I have to admit I was super excited when “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” was thrown in at perfect timing for her comeback. This song is from the film Burlesque and I was obsessed with it after seeing the film and wasn’t expecting it in the show so was an added bonus that’s for sure!

Cher has some truly iconic songs and you get them all jam packed within the show, as well as a lovely time to join in at the end, which all felt rather epic. Having a show like this tour the UK is always going to get audiences attending and will be very popular (and rightly so).

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