Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (2022) Review

Albus Dumbledore assigns Newt and his allies with a mission to attempt to stop the rising power of Grindelwald.


This is the third film in the Harry Potter spinoff series of Fantastic Beasts, and to be brutally honest I actually had to check to see if I had seen the second film before this one came out. Which confirmed that I actually couldn’t remember anything about that film or indeed the first one, so felt as though I went into “The Secrets of Dumbledore” rather blind.

I don’t really feel that mattered too much either, as we were shown flashback scenes from Dumbledore and his relationship with Gellart Grindelwald and just to be sure that everyone remembers that they were in love and together it is mentioned very early on and a few more times throughout.

Newt is given all of Dumbledore’s tasks (like before Harry was his new mission boy) and slog with his brother Theseus must attempt to save both worlds. He is directly involved as a creature is key to the plot, I mean that is clutching but that’s the main part that was at least a tiny bit memorable.

I personally only felt anything was decent when it more liked to the Harry Potter world, so when we see Hogwarts and the epic music is playing. Other than that I was quite frankly bored and the paper thin plot wasn’t engaging at all. I just didn’t care about any of the characters and the biggest downside is that I don’t like Newt Scamander at all, utterly boring and in no way a hero that we can support as he is too dull. Jacob Kowalski is the only likeable character and he is just a muggle being lost in the wizarding world and pretty much behaves how you would expect anyone to around magic.

Visually at times the film did look good and impressive, so good use of CGI to create the different scenes and while it is shown a few times I do enjoy the Brooklyn bridge/NYC street shot.

This really does leave you wondering if we really needed one Fantastic Beasts film, let alone it being stretched to a third and will we have a fourth? I guess that’s something that will probably happen, even though I feel we are just exhausted with the efforts to hang onto anything Potter related.

3 thoughts on “Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (2022) Review

  1. It’s likely I’ll watch this on HBO soon but not with a lot of enthusiasm as the last film really pissed me off in not just how awful it was but also in its lack of structure, overemphasis on exposition, bloated set pieces, and a stupid twist in the end. I think J.K. Lucas really has become greedy in just whoring out her creation to the point that I think that her own fans are like “fuck this, let’s watch something else”. Plus, I think the people from the Harry Potter franchise are pretty much moving on to do other things. Daniel Radcliffe is playing Weird Al for a bio-pic.

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      • I’d shut the whole thing down. Plus, I heard J.K. Rowling really wants The Cursed Child to become a film with the old cast from the films but… why? I don’t think any of the people from those movies are interested as they’re doing other things. Plus, the story was shit.

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