Operation Mincemeat (2021) Review

During World War II, two British intelligence officers have no other choice than to use a corpse and false papers in order to outwit and confuse the Germans about where the next attack is going to come from.


Operation Mincemeat is a rather bizarre story and everything around he elaborate plot would get more extreme and feel so strange. Using a corpse of a man who had recently died and then attempting to fake the papers to show that he was a British solider with some important documents on him, with a ploy to confuse the Germans about where the next attack was going to come from.

Ewen Montagu was the man in charge of this mission, but that was not the only thing he had going on. He had to deal with his marriage being so distant and then his wife and children going to America while the war was still taking place. This then leads him into temptation with Jean Leslie, who is also considering her feels towards the married man. This creates some tension with Charles Cholmondeley who also has eyes for Jean. I certainly wasn’t expecting that element within the story but I thought it gave it a lovely balance with more going on. Surely a lot of this type of “love” happened during a war when people were really unsure if they were going to survive.

The operation and build up is extremely tense and it could not have been completed if it wasn’t for Hester Leggett who was always there for Montagu and it was quite frankly a wonderful working relationship. Then add in his brother Ivor and possible links to Russia and it really does contain so many different WWII related issues.

I have always enjoyed WWII stories and especially when they are then made into films, I also love that I can still manage to see new stories to me and long may it continue. The casting choices for this one were truly spot on as well, really highlighting the best of British. It also confirmed that I am still very much in love with Colin Firth, he had the correct amount of charisma and presence in the role and was engaging from start to finish to watch. Supported in very good fashion by Penelope Wilton and Matthew Macfadyen, who were both brilliant alongside Firth. Kelly Macdonald was also a standout in her role where she had to ensure to create the correct amount of emotional moments to feel relatable. In smaller roles Mark Gatiss, Jason Isaacs and Johnny Flynn were the standouts and all brought some very good and pleasing moments. I am starting to wonder if Alex Jennings has been typecast in this era!

I had been more then looking forward to eventually seeing this film and happy that it did not disappoint, with some strong performances and a very interesting storyline to go along with that.

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