The Lost City (2022) Review

Loretta Sage is a writer who has become reclusive since the death of her husband, her adventure novels are very popular and when everything goes crazy she is kidnapped and it is up to her cover model Alan to lead the search and attempt to save her.


Loretta has actually grown to hate her characters and especially doing the tours of the latest book, the fans aren’t really interested in her or what she has to say but wanting to see hero Dash McMahon, who obviously is not a real person and the cover model is just Alan. However, the fandom behind the series of books is very strong and a little bit crazy. Too much for Loretta who just wants to stay in her home since the death of her husband.

During the promotion for the book which she is hating every single second, she is suddenly kidnapped by billionaire Abigail Fairfax who is part of a very rich family and notices within her books that they are actually based on historic research including a lost city in a remote island and the location of the “Crown of Fire” and given that it is priceless Fairfax wants it for himself.

Alan is nothing like the hero of Dash from the novels and struggles with many different issues, which actually makes him charming in a very different way. He witnesses the kidnapping and realises that he must do everything he can to save Loretta, something that seems like it could be easy when he recruits Jack Trainer a former Navy SEAL turned CIA operative. At this stage it looks as though it will be a very easy thing to do, although everything takes a truly dramatic turn with Loretta and Alan left alone in the jungle.

This film more than exceeded my expectations which is certainly a massive positive, everything about it is a true joy from start to finish. It gave me very similar vibes to Spy and manages to capture humorous moments and feels more real with the people involved being unsure of what to do next. This really does allow for some utterly hilarious scenes and moments where you can actually think “oh I would do that”.

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum are actually a perfect match together, creating chemistry in the simple manner and this certainly makes for an easy viewing film. Bullock is very good at this type of character and it isn’t much different to what we are used to, but if your good at something then go for it! Tatum isn’t your typical hero in this one and I actually think that makes you like the character more and quite frankly he is given some great development over the course of the film. Brad Pitt also needs a mention for what turns to be more like a longer cameo as he was utterly brilliant and scene stealing. Not forgetting Daniel Radcliffe being a total creep of a villain and again showing that he will do any type of role and I am fully on board with that!

2 thoughts on “The Lost City (2022) Review

  1. When the world is such a depressing place, this is the kind of escapism that, if done right, is much needed, and what a cast! All three have been on my wife’s show and they are all incredibly fun and engaging!

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