Easter Parade (1948) Review

Don Hewes was a nightclub performer who hires naive chorus girl Hannah Brown to become his new dance partner in an attempt to make his former partner Nadine Hale jealous and to prove a point that he can make anyone a star.


When Don Hewes is devastated by his current dancing partner Nadine Hale being offered the opportunity to star in a new show solo, he attempts to persuade her to stay by offering her gifts. When she rejects this notion, he then drowns his sorrows in a bar and then brags that he can make a star dancing out of any girl in the floor show. He then chooses Hannah Brown, when rehearsing next day he quickly finds out it is not going to be as easy as he first thought when she suffers being confused between her left and right. The first show does not go to plan as Don tries to turn Hannah into a copy of Nadine and this then causes chaos.

When then have a lot of crossovers as Johnny, Don’s best friend is attracted to Hannah but little did Johnny know that Nadine was attracted to him. I mean who doesn’t love loads of crossover triangles in a story and then even more so with a musical, as we have some very lovely musical numbers mixed together (although the songs aren’t all that memorable after watching the film).

If anything watching this film more than confirmed how wonderful and amazing Judy Garland really was, she was quite frankly an incredible actress and singer I am actually at the point where I am truly disappointed in myself for not seeing more of her films. I also now need to admit that this is the first Fred Astaire film I have ever watched as well, which I know as a big musical fan is quite a sin to admit but never mind, you have to start somewhere!

It’s well worth checking out which films are available to watch on the BBC iPlayer as they really do have some classics like this one to catch up with!

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