Streamline (2021) Review

Benjamin “Boy” Lane is a 15 year old swimming sensation, who’s family life has a massive impact on his focus especially when his father is released from prison and he self destructs.


As it begins it looks as though Streamline is going to be a fully focused sports film, on Olympic hopeful Benjamin who is training and racing well, despite a difficult relationship with his coach, who wants nothing more than to push him to his limits. But when this is paired up with his fathers release from prison and his mother not supporting him in the best possible way he hits the point of self destruction.

This is when the film then takes a very different turn and we see it be more about growing up and the impact of a traumatic childhood taking its tool on the teen. Losing focus for swimming which was basically the only thing that was keeping him going is quite difficult to watch unfold. He starts drinking and falls out with his girlfriend after being told to go and live with his brothers.

We don’t get enough backstory on what actually happened with his father and we do actually get a nice little scene between the pair when he realises that he has fully messed up and if it wasn’t for his brother then he would have completely lost everything. From an early point in the film we can guess what the ending is going to be, but that really did not take anything away from the build up to that.

Levi Miller takes on the leading role and I was very impressed with him, he’s come along way since being Peter Pan in Pan! Yes, that’s right! It was certainly not an easy role for him to take on and I thought he did very well as the troubled teen, also very evident that he undertook some actually training as a swimmer to prepare for the role. We have Ian Thorpe who is one of the best Olympian swimmers that Australia have ever produced being part of the team to put the film together (and he has a cameo at the end) and I thought that was inspiring to get his perspective and have parts based on his rise as a young swimmer to become so successful. Jason Isaacs is probably the most well known within the cast and his role is rather small, but he is certainly has effective as ever.

Arrives on UK digital 11 April 2022

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