In Good Company (2004) Review

Now in his 50’s Dan must deal with his new boss Carter who is almost half his age and it will get even more complicated when he starts seeing his daughter Alex.


Dan had been working at the same company for many years and thought he was pretty set in his role as an executive, but a restructure will see him demoted. Not something he was expecting at the age of 51, also his wife is pregnant again just to throw in more issues and drama. His replacement is Carter who is only 26 and has worked his way up very quickly, but his personal life is a mess and after only 6 months of marriage his wife decides to leave him.

Carter is basically struggling with everything and not liked at work, wanting to enjoy his life which now feels over given the divorce he will be going through. He invites himself to Dan’s house one night for dinner and this is when he meets Alex and given that she has recently moved into New York City for college after transferring they begin to spend time together. This was obviously the last thing that Dan wanted or needed and pretty much freaks out about it, probably more so that he cannot take being replaced by him at work.

In Good Company is actually an ok film which has a few things going on for it and surely anything with Scarlett Johansson has positives? I certainly think so this is quite an early film role for her and I am pretty sure I watched this film many years ago as could remember odd little parts of it. She had such an innocence around her character which you can more than relate to being around 18 and your time in University/College. I have seriously decided that Dennis Quaid has something about him and is officially on my older actors who I have a bit of thing for, which aren’t always the obvious ones. His meltdown moments are understandable. Topher Grace never really went on to become a leading man within films and this was probably one of those big chances to push him forward in that sense. Maybe he became a little bit typecast in this sort of role and it just didn’t fully work out?

Its a nice enough film that you don’t really need to fully focus on as it doesn’t have anything that you aren’t expecting and quite frankly that is more than ok in this genre.

2 thoughts on “In Good Company (2004) Review

  1. This is a film “of its time” – when experience began to be an albatross, and youth and the “next generation” was beginning to take over the workplace…it captures it well – I work in the entertainment industry and this happens virtually every single day now…I enjoyed the acting in the film and while not a great movie, and entertaining and insightful one.

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