Morbius (2022) Review

Michael Morbius has struggled his whole life with a very rare blood disease which has left him struggling to walk properly and denied him many things. Attempting to find a cure ends in extreme consequences when he infects himself as part of the human trials and becomes part vampire.


We are given a quick backstory to Michael Morbius as a child and in a hospital where he must be monitored constantly, not being able to move very well and needed sticks as an aid. When Milo joins him in the bed next to him, he warns him to be outside when the school finishes as the other children are cruel towards them. Michael shows incredible intelligence for his age and Dr. Emil Nicholas is very impressed with everything he does and pushes for him to be moved to excel in his education.

He quickly qualifies as a doctor and wants nothing more to than to find a cure for his disease, something he has also promised to Milo who is pretty much his best friend. As adults they are somehow hanging on and still alive, with Michael really trying to find something to help them.

Bats. Yes, really bats. That seems to be the answer and he starts trials with the DNA and after it seems to work on a mouse he begins human trials on himself. However, they had no idea what would actually happen and the need for human blood was certainly not something he was expecting at all. Turning him into a vampire-like monster and not in full control of his actions. Something that Martine Bancroft gets caught in the crossfire. The thing is though this procedure does improve his vitals and actually increases his physical fitness, although only works for a certain number of hours and gets less each time. The artificial blood he had developed would only work for so long and the need for real human blood would get too much.

The first trial on a ship goes very wrong leaving many men dead with the blood drained from their bodies means two agents, Stroud and Rodriquez are on the case and attempting to get to the bottom of it all. The fact the victims are fully drained of all blood from their bodies is not often seen makes for a very different investigation. When Milo finds out what Michael has developed he is not happy that he won’t share the discovery with him.

I was constantly wondering and thinking what on earth am I watching and why? That was the main question, why? It was a constant throughout the film and in all honesty I was actually thinking is Morbius actually a real Batman rather than the actual Batman. Trying to remember that this is in Spider-Man’s world also created for a strange thing, although given how badly this film turned out will we actually see Morbius again?

Jared Leto seems to be somewhat of a curse within comic book based films, we all know what happened with his Joker character in The Suicide Squad. He was pretty boring in the film and did not really have any charisma within the role, then you add in the stories we are getting from the set that he would take ages to go to the toilet due to “staying in character” with the way he was using the sticks. Matt Smith was given some rather crazy moments and the way he danced was utterly hilarious and terrifying all at once, so basically the one star is for him.

Everything about the film was so predictable and you just knew what was coming next. Given the nature of vampires you really could have had this being much more horror based rather than tipping to the point of actually being hilarious (when it wasn’t meant to be). It really could have been scary and dark, but the special effects were bizarre and just made me want to laugh out loud, which was not the desired effect.

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