Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022) Review

Dr Robotinik makes a return to Earth with a new evil ally Knuckles the Echidna in an attempt to take down Sonic and eventually get his power, luckily he has a new friend Tails and they most battle to save the world again.


Sonic is hitting a point where he is ready for more freedom and although he is enjoying his new life in Green Hills, he wants that little bit more. When Tom and Maddie leave him at home while they go on holiday to a wedding, Sonic sees this as a chance to really prove that he can be trusted. Just before this he was attempting to be a hero and help people, but that went terribly wrong wrecking a whole street and he now needs to prove to Tom that he can be responsible.

Naturally that was never actually going to happen was it? Of course not, we wouldn’t have a story if that was the case. Not long after the pair leave, something is attempting to get into the house this turns out to be Tails who was actually coming to try and warn Sonic about Knuckles who plans on getting the green emerald and believes Sonic is the key to finding it. The issue though is that Dr Robotnik comes across Knuckles and decides a power emerald would be good for his constant world domination attempts.

Tom was doing his very best to get on good terms with Maddie’s sister Rachel who’s wedding they were attending, but we all knew instantly that something was going to happen to spoil it all. However, the plot twist for Rachel was brutal it has to be said! Certainly was not expecting that in a kids film, rather shocking really!

This film pretty much picks up where the first one left off and it has more than enough fun moments and scenes. Also plenty of little throwbacks to actually playing on the different games as well, I thought that was a rather nice touch. When seeing this at the cinema I went with two boys, an 11 year old who loved the Ghostbusters references and a 7 year old who loved all of the crude moments and jokes, pretty sure “snot rocket” got his biggest laugh. That just shows that kids of all ages will find different parts amusing and myself as an adult couldn’t help but laugh nearly every single time Jim Carrey had a ridiculous line as Robotnik.

I thought Idris Elba was a good addition to the cast as the voice of Knuckles and it did not actually take me long to recognise him at all. Thought he had the right balance of the anger Knuckles had to begin with! Jim Carrey really is on another level with this character and quite frankly it feels like the peak 90s is back and he’s just having the time of his life with a ridiculous costume and insane one liners but let’s face facts that it works so very well.

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