Boiling Point (2021) Review

Andy Jones is Head Chef at an upmarket restaurant in London and we witness the high pressures he faces on one of the busiest days of the year, can he balance the work and his private life before it all boils over?


Everything is pretty hectic and crazy from the start and we get to see that Andy Jones is struggling to hold everything together, his life and the restaurant we aren’t fully sure why or how but things are hinted at as the film moves forward. When the health and safety rating of the restaurant is downgraded from a 5 rating to only 3 this is not a good start for the evening, Andy has been poor with his paper work and this is all since getting a divorce. He is falling apart and not asking for any help, heading into a super busy night which includes a proposal, celebrity chef, food critic and many other issues to occur.

During the dinner service it would get extremely tense in both the kitchen and the dining room, not helped by the fact that Andy did not place the orders for food delivery and they have a rather limited menu (not a great start at all). We follow the different workers in all areas and must witness first hand just how horrible people can be to waiting staff. Issues that could occur for someone who has an allergy and quite frankly so many more little moments.

It’s actually rather difficult to be prepared for how unbelievably tense Boiling Point is from the moment it starts to its dramatic final moment, all filmed in one take and it really does give you high anxiety. Given the way the drama unfolds you are immersed and fully feel part of the story, you feel for all of the different characters and personally it made me thankful that I have never worked in a restaurant or kitchen. You never really think about just how stressful it could be! Watching this will certainly make me think and appreciate the staff more the next time I eat out.

The final scene was an incredibly interesting way to end it all and was such a brass and bold choice, a bit of a cliffhanger moment but it was in all honesty perfectly executed in that sense.

Stephen Graham is a truly remarkable actor and I feel his performance in this film more than confirms what we already knew. He has never shied away from different roles and this was another great piece to really be able to show off just how engaging and brilliant he is, whilst keeping his own Scouse accent. Vinette Robinson was another standout performance and more than battled with Graham in some moments of the film and that really helped with further character development. I also feel as though Ray Panthaki deserves to be mentioned as well as thought he had some great moments as well, again pushing Graham and creating an atmosphere between the characters.

Who really would have thought Boiling Point would be such an anxiety inducing film!

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