The Eyes of Tammy Faye (2021) Review

A look into the life of Tammy Faye, a televangelist who has a rather dramatic rise and then fall, but also redemption?


I seriously had no clue at all who Tammy Faye was before watching this film, being in the UK a televangelist isn’t something we actually have (well, I don’t think we do. At least I have never watched anything with one on) so therefore this film was also telling me the story about her life. The thing is though it wasn’t really something that I found overly interesting, and I found it quite the drag overall.

I mean everything about the film goes towards the leading performance for Jessica Chastain which we now know won her an Oscar (I did watch the film pre-Oscars but unfortunately taken me a little bit longer to put the review together). She was the film, that is probably the easiest way to explain it. One of those films where you can fully appreciate the performance without even really liking the film as a whole. Obviously Andrew Garfield is in alongside her as well, which is always a bonus!

Tammy Faye Bakker and her husband Jim Bakker did not really have much at all and managed to create one of the largest religious broadcasting networks and a theme park to go along with it. Scandal would most certainly hit the couple though as not everything Jim did was streamline and the finances involved in all of the property they owned would come under scrutiny.

At first it actually felt like a rather nice love story between Tammy and Jim, they were young and in love so naturally got married instantly. You would think from that point that the marriage would go from strength to strength but that is not what we were shown. He was not nice about her to others who they worked with and I guess it was slightly hinted at that he had an interest in other men, but she was no angel either and had a very strange moment with a man who had been working with her (whilst pregnant and about to give birth).

Given that this film was a full on passion project from Jessica Chastain it is no surprise how much she put into the performance, she had wanted to make this for many years having seen the documentary in 2012 and wanted to tell Tammy’s story in biopic form. More than paid off with the Oscar win, I really do believe that an actor has to have passion for the role they are in for it to work and come across well.

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