Oscars 2022 – Best Actress

Here we have the five nominees for Best Actress in a leading role for the 2022 Oscars!

Jessica Chastain – The Eyes of Tammy Faye
It’s easy to understand why Jessica has been sweeping the awards for her performance as Tammy Faye, not an easy role at all with the accent and then the physical appearance changes. Not the most entertaining film overall, but her performance is worth watching it for.

Olivia Colman – The Lost Daughter
I mean hasn’t Olivia become somewhat of an Academy darling? Rightly so of course, her performance is very impressive and she leads the film in the best possible manner of a woman haunted by her past. I wouldn’t be disappointed if she won for this one!

Penélope Cruz – Parallel Mothers
I am actually really annoyed with myself for this film as I had a ticket for the Unlimited screening of the film and then didn’t go, to which my Cineworld then didn’t screen the film so I have missed it! Looking forward to catching up though as only heard good things.

Nicole Kidman – Being the Ricardos
Who better than to have taken on the role of Lucile Ball than Nicole Kidman? I cannot think of anyone else who could have pulled it off in this manner. Working so well with Javier Bardem and bringing to life the story behind the success.

Kristen Stewart – Spencer
The majority of people will not like that I actually hate that this performance got a nomination, hated the film a lot as felt it was all an insult to Princess Diana, bad taste and very poor the way they suggested how the events took place in this film. Could have been something brilliant, instead a mess.

Who I want to win: Anyone but Kristen Stewart
Who I think will win: Jessica Chastain
Outside chance: Penelope Cruz

2 thoughts on “Oscars 2022 – Best Actress

  1. It appears now that the momentum is behind Penélope Cruz, with Jessica Chastain as the other most likely…I think the biggest mistake for Nicole’s performance is that the film woefully neglected her comedic genius – too much behind-the-scenes “task master” stuff – I LOVED her performance but would have liked to see more comedy!

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