Oscars 2022 – Best Actor

The five performances nominated for 2022s Best Actor in a Leading Role are all rather impressive it must be said, I am more than happy with all five nominees for this category.

Javier Bardem – Being the Ricardos
I throughly enjoyed his performance in this film, which I guess can be said each and every time Javier is in a film. However, I thought he was the perfect balance with Kidman and his sheer charisma was just wonderful to see unfold. A massive outsider to win, but how strong is this category this year!

Benedict Cumberbatch – The Power of the Dog
A brooding cowboy with a broken heart is the perfect character for Benedict right? He certainly nails it that’s for sure, I have really enjoyed watching his career within Hollywood progress to this moment of his second nomination. Also the Academy love Brits!

Andrew Garfield – tick, tick… BOOM!
This was easily my favourite performance and I would love nothing more than Andrew to become an Oscar winner, he is a superb actor and his turn as Jonathan Larson was utterly delightful from start to finish. He is an actor who is not afraid to be on the stage as well, so seemed perfect casting for the creator of Rent.

Will Smith – King Richard
Don’t we sometimes need reminding just how good Will is? I think King Richard he went all in with his performance and nailed to to the man he was portraying, bringing it all to life and see just how the Williams sisters were brought up. He is favourite to win which is easy to see why, but could this be classed as a career Oscar?

Denzel Washington – The Tragedy of Macbeth
Let’s face it the Academy love Denzel as much as we do and he fully deserved to be nominated for his turn as Macbeth, he was wonderful with Shakespeare in a haunting film of the tragedy.

Who I want to win: Andrew Garfield
Who I think will win: Will Smith
Outside chance: Denzel Washington

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