Deep Water (2022) Review

Vic and Melinda Van Allen are a married couple with a young daughter Trixie, living in a small town in Louisiana. A strange agreement with their loveless marriage as that Melinda is allowed to take any number of lovers as long as she does not desert her family.


Deep Water is a very strange story in terms of the apparent open marriage between Vic and Melinda, when he is quite frankly jealous each and every time she has a lover. This then obviously brings up the question on why he even wants it to be that way as he really cannot cope and his jealously drives him so crazy and angry that he begins to make everything more difficult when murder occurs.

The open marriage is no real secret amongst there friends and when Vic is alone with her musician lover at a party he confuses that he killed her previous boyfriend. Although this is not something as a viewer we actually know is true or not. It creates that doubt though of actually being able to trust Vic. Although I truly hated Melinda and did not see the point at all of flaunting her lovers in front of her husband and friends. I actually just wanted him to finish her off as that would have been less painful than a lot of scenes within the film.

We are left wondering if Vic was capable of killing anyone and we have to wait and see what happens when she suddenly has the next boyfriend ready and on the go. Desperately unhappy it made no sense for Melinda to stay, although I guess money talks and Vic was very rich. I found the whole film extremely annoying and frustrating from start to finish which was a real shame. Don Wilson a family friend who was also a writer though something was truly up with Vic and believed he had murdered someone, even telling the police his thoughts on this matter.

The biggest saving grace in the whole film had to be Tracy Letts’ performance, a truly fantastic turn and he really did save so many scenes just by his presence in them. Ben Affleck is pretty much a brooding character and I mean that’s ok, just a shame he was also a bit psycho. Ana de Armas I guess did a better job than I first realised considering how much I truly hated her character, must be good acting for that to happen right?

2 thoughts on “Deep Water (2022) Review

  1. It was based on a Patricia Highsmith story, but there was NOTHING to suggest her ability to tell a story…it just went on and on and has an ending that is even more unsatisfying than the film itself!

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