Rescued By Ruby (2022) Review

Daniel O’Neil is a state trooper who wants nothing more than to achieve his dream of joining the elite K-9 unit. Working hard with shelter dog Ruby, who he saves from being put down as people keep returning her with how naughty she is.


Poor Ruby had been taken by her original owners as they could not manage her personality and no matter what they did she would not follow instructions, seeming to be untrainable. Given that she then had five other times of being adopted from the shelter but then quickly returned it was pretty much fate when Dan turned up and they both needed each other more than anything else.

Up until this moment he had been working hard to prove people wrong within the police department that he really did have what it takes to join the K-9 unit, however he had to get his own dog and train it up in order to be part of the special class. We see plenty of hard work not only from Dan, but alongside is wife Melissa and their young child (she is also pregnant with their second child) and how important it is for the Ruby to feel the love room everyone in the family. This made her feel wanted and that created a better bond for working with Dan and attempting to become part of the K-9 unit.

Obviously with the fact that this story was made into a film gives you a few indicators that the ending is going to be good and quite frankly happy. That was not a bad thing at all though, we need films that are rather lovely, with a decent story and therefore nice to watch. I had never even heard of this film until it appeared on Netflix and felt as though it was just a lovely little watch. Both of our characters are underdogs and we cannot help but want them both to just win and have what they want!

Grant Gustin was good in the leading role and it was nice to see him go into something very different, given his role in The Flash, although I can fully remember him from the Glee days as well. Taking the lead in a film is certainly another step forward for him and he is perfectly likeable!

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