Fresh (2022) Review

Noa is about to find out that the horrors of modern dating have no limit as she must battle to survive Steve’s unusual appetites.


Fresh for the first 33 minutes feels like your normal romance or maybe that should be hook up? In the modern world, boy and girl meet each other and have a good time. Then leading to a weekend away, although maybe Noa should have listened a little bit more to her friend Mollie and not quickly go away with someone she hardly knows in Steve. Although come on he seemed nice?

I say for the first 33 minutes as that is how long it actually takes to get the title for the film to come up and at that moment is when the film takes that sinister turn and everything from then on its downright batshit crazy.

Given the trailer and an 18 rating I had an idea in my head about how I thought it was going to go or maybe that I thought cannibalism was going to be involved in the plot, but I certainly did not realise to the level it was going to be at. Seriously it gave me some horrendous feelings and that is something that does not happen very often when watching a film. I actually felt sick to my stomach.

I won’t get too much into the gory details, but it is very bizarre and quite frankly horrendous at times and the way it is during different scenes actually then also feels funny. I have never felt so much conflict for what is going on in different scenes. It for whatever reason makes you wonder if it actually happens, then you judge yourself for even thinking about that!

The battle to survive for Noa allows her to be a very strong female character and we cannot help but hope she somehow can get away and live. As well as being able to save others. Although given the strange nature of what Steve does, we also get another shock when it comes to something else he was hiding and that was so unexpected as well and was another decent plot twist. But some moments are so utterly gut wrenching that you cannot get past that super strange supposed world of the super rich.

I can truly imagine that this film will divide opinion and the fact it has the horrors of modern dating as its plot is quite frankly enough to make people not ever want to talk to anyone else they don’t know very well ever again.

The batshit crazy nature of it all is only possible with the amazing performances from Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan. They both work so effortlessly together and that creates for some very good scenes! Sebastian Stan seems very willing to take on all different roles no matter what they require him to do and I can really get on board with that. Jojo T. Gibbs, Andrea Bang, Dayo Okeniyi and Charlotte Le Bon all offer good support.

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