Windfall (2022) Review

A wealthy CEO and his wife come to their vacation home as a spur of the moment thing only to find that someone is the middle of robbing it, they end up being hostages instead!


The man then decides that he would try and get money from the CEO and demands half a million dollars (because why not) but is not that he cannot get it until the following morning. This was after he spotted a camera recording him after going to his car, although surely you should assume that a wealthy man would have cameras around his home?

Several conversations are then had between the trio and we get that the relationship between the CEO and his wife is very strained and they aren’t getting along all that well. The wife reveals to the robber that she is really not happy with her life, although as a viewer we are pretty much in agreement with the robber to not actually feel sorry for her.

That’s probably the biggest problem with Windfall, we are given conversations that actually mean nothing and it just seems to fill the time without anything being all that great. Especially when it could have gone in a slightly different direction, like finding out a little bit more about the robber? We don’t really have full reasons why he was doing it. Although the CEO thinks the man could be a former employee.

Windfall pokes around many different issues that people have with the super rich and that they would actually want money from them and to understand what it is like to live as a rich person. Although taking them hostage and attempting to get money from them probably isn’t really the best way to try and achieve that.

The ending then attempts to take a shocking turn, but quite frankly by that point I really couldn’t have cared any less. It ended up just being an empty film with three terrible characters who again you did not care about even a little bit. When you go for it with a film that only has three main characters (and an additional for a short amount of time) you really have nail them to be interesting and have more of a point than anything in this borefest did. Two stars for trying it.

Jason Segel is actually one of my guilty pleasure actors as well, so was actually watching this fully for him I cannot lie. I guess it was a different approach for him given his other career choices, just didn’t really work out all that well. Then we have Jesse Plemons, has an actor risen so quickly in the past few years like he has? Lily Collins making up the trio and I am sure we are all still thinking about Emily in Paris right?

One thought on “Windfall (2022) Review

  1. If you explain the film to someone it sounds like it could have been an intense psychological thriller – but it wasn’t sadly….ponderous and pretentious and Segel just didn’t seem to be “on” at all!


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