The Lego Batman Movie (2016) Review

Bruce Wayne must continue to deal with the usual suspects and protect Gotham City as they plan on ruling it, balancing his life as Batman this is about to take an interesting twist when he accidentally adopts a teenage orphan who wishes to become his sidekick.


The Lego Batman Movie takes all of the characters that we already know and puts them in Lego form with some rather amusing moments from start to finish. This Batman is super angry all of the time and really needs Alfred to support him in his craziness. Adding in Robin as the boy he accidentally adopted and all of the villains we have seen so many times before.

Given that Batman/Bruce Wayne is always one of the darker stories and the films to go along with them this can easily been seen as light relief whilst also still capturing the nature of the character. Also isn’t this the perfect introduction to Batman for kids?

They really excelled in terms of the cast for the voice work with Will Arnett so effortlessly leading the way as Batman, he really nails everything he is given and some of these lines are utterly hilarious. Michael Cera as Robin as well quite frankly why not? The best has to surely be Ralph Fiennes as Alfred and even more so when you then had Eddie Izzard voicing Voldemort! But seriously though can we not have Fiennes as Alfred in a life action film in the future, pretty please? Another pleasing and standout was Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face considering we never got that arch for his Harvey Dent in the Burton Batman films, was this a slight moment to make it up to us all?

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