Old (2021) Review

In what appears to be a lovely beach holiday is about to turn into a nightmare for many families, as on a secluded beach they suddenly realise that they have started to age rapidly with no means of escape, what is behind this strange experience?


Everything starts rather nice though for the family arriving at a nice resort and with Guy and Prisca it seemed that they were trying to use this time to either sort something out within their marriage or just give up on it all together. With their two children Trent and Maddox.

It didn’t take long for this secluded beach to feel a little off and the intensity is built up a little bit but at that point I had no clue where it was all going to go and how it was going to end. Although I think I am still processing the ending and even writing this review now is making me annoyed about the film again.

The ageing is obviously seen with the kids who suddenly jump years in a small matter of time and this therefore resulted in the most hilarious moment in the film, which I do not think was meant to be funny at all. The girl suddenly being pregnant and then giving birth. Like seriously WTAF. When I say hilarious though I think it was more of a nervous laugh, wondering just what on earth I had decided to watch.

Attempting to highlight many different diseases and issues that people have with these but at that accelerated rate and it was just quite frankly bizarre to witness unfold and did not really make much sense.

Sometimes when you are told that a film is very bad then you really should not choose to then watch it, I totally feel that way about ‘Old’ as I had seen many people say it was terrible and even missing it at the cinema I decided to catch up when it came to Sky Cinema and now I am truly wondering just why.

The film does have two young actors with amazing potential in Thomasin McKenzie and Alex Wolff which I thought would be decent, although not for a massive amount for screen time though given the characters quickly changing with the age factor. Rufus Sewell had a couple of decent moments, but other than that the cast didn’t really have a massive amount to work with.

M. Night Shyamalan is a very hit-miss director for me and I think I actually dislike more of his films than I like at this stage.

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