No Exit (2022) Review

Darby is attempting to get back home to see her mother who is sick in hospital, when a blizzard hits she is stuck in the mountains in an isolated rest stop. Discovering a kidnapped child in the back of a van belonging to someone else inside.


Darby was in rehab and actually breaks out when they would not allow her to find out how her mother was doing, her sister told her not to come but that was not going to stop her at all. Especially when it sounded very bad for the outcome of her mother, from this we get an insight that Darby had not been the best daughter or sister in recent times and her current stint in rehab was a long ongoing issue.

After being warned by police to not go any further on the snowy roads she ends up in the rest stop with four other people, and they attempt to pass the time and slightly get to know each other. Lars immediately jumps out as totally weird and strange, it doesn’t take long to realise that the van with the young girl inside is his. Ash seems like a nice young man and takes a shine to Darby. We then have Ed and Sandie who both have interesting backstories as well.

That is probably as far as I can go with talking about the plot without spoiling any of the twists, it does have a few twists as well. Some might not be a big surprise but some will make you think “ohhh didn’t see that coming” and in a good way. This is where ‘No Exit’ really does excel as it has those interesting turns throughout. Building the tension and always wondering just where it’s going to go next. The scenes where she is attempting to get back into the van will get your heart racing!

Havana Rose Liu does a terrific job leading the film and you cannot help but want her character to succeed, and that is certainly down to the performance. Dennis Haysbert is always good right? I certainly think so and that was no different in this film. Danny Ramierez and David Rysdahl both brought decent performances as well which all link together as good casting.

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