United (2011) Review

Based on the true story of Manchester United’s “Busby Babes” who had so much potential after becoming the youngest ever side to win the Football League, in 1958 the Munich Air Crash claimed eight of these players along with other victims.


Being a huge football fan and worked within football for many years the 1958 disaster in Munich is something I have grew up knowing all about, that Duncan Edwards was destined to be one of the greatest footballers of all time and his life was cruelly taken away at the age of only 21.

‘United’ captures the build up to that fateful moment then the aftermath of what the club, players and staff had to do next to keep everything going. Seeing that the league were not happy about the team playing in Europe and would not allow them to postpone any fixtures to play those European Cup games was rather crazy considering how football looks now.

We follow Bobby Robson on his rise to playing for Manchester United, being far from his home in Ashington in the north east of England just north of Newcastle. How the impact of the crash really has a massive impact on him mentally and the struggle to cope with so many of his teammates and friends dying in the event. While Matt Busby was the manager and in charge, given his injuries in the crash Jimmy Murphy has to deal with everything and figure out what they are going to do next.

Attempting to then have a team to play in the FA Cup final after it all and how quick the turnaround was, which felt brutal but at the same time if they did not continue then the football club could have fallen out of existence. The victims of the Munich disaster are remembered each and every year, this film was put together in such a nice way as a tribute.

Never easy to transfer this type of event into a film but I felt as though this really was done in a nice way as a tribute for the players, staff and reporters who died that day. The performances in the film were delightful as well with David Tennant really standing out for me, with his passionate portrayal he really is a fantastic actor. Sam Claflin also impressed along with Jack O’Connell and considering the pair have been in a lot of high profile films since this was released in 2011, it is great to see. O’Connell gets a second mention for his impressive Geordie accent.

Sport films always have that extra edge in terms of linking in with life and this one is no different in that sense, while you already know the major outcome it is more than worth a watch to see how they managed to tell the story, give tribute to those who died and it all just feels so right in the way they put everything into the film.

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