Sunshine (2007) Review

The year is 2057 and a team of international astronauts are on a dangerous mission to reignite the dying Sun with a nuclear fission bomb.


As the Sun is dying that naturally means that the Earth is freezing, when Icarus II is sent up with the intent of jump-starting the Sun and then returning it does not go to plan when they go past Mercury and get the distress beacon of Icarus I which was the first ship to attempt a similar mission, seven years earlier.

Given that they cannot ignore this it forces the two ships to become connected in order to discover if any of the crew are actually still alive or not. The tension was built massively in this time of wondering what was going to happen next. I seriously was not expecting the film to have so much of an edge and feel utterly tense. I actually found the anxiety worse than any standard horror film as it was naturally so dark all of the time and had so many different twists and turns. So much so that I was seriously wondering just how and why I had never seen this film given it had been out since 2007!

Psychological thrillers certainly get to me so much more than any horror film, this was no different and Danny Boyle really did create space magic with this one. In the build up to the film he even had the actors live together and learn about topics relating to their roles as a form of method acting, which quite frankly more than pays off as this film was so much better than I could have ever really imagined. It is not a film that I have even seen talked about, so I’m totally calling it a hidden gem because of that.

The cast is very impressive as well with Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans, Rose Byrne, Michelle Yeoh, Cliff Curtis, Hiroyuki Sanada, Benedict Wong and Mark Strong. With them all working so effortlessly together and given the twists and turns in the story we never really know who or what to trust. Murphy impresses me so much in his different roles and really is such a terrific actor, the final scene he is in is so damn powerful. Don’t we often forget that Chris Evans is so much more than Captain America? I know I do at times which is such a shame really as he has so many other roles going on!

I really would recommend this film as it certainly offers something a little bit different to the usual space films that we get!

6 thoughts on “Sunshine (2007) Review

  1. I have this on blu-ray and it is gorgeous to watch…it’s an interesting hybrid of psychological sci-fi that descends into horror…I enjoyed it quite a bit even with a few tonal shifts…my wife is having Michelle Yeoh on her show next week and the entire staff is so excited to meet this legend!

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