Her (2013) Review

In the near future a lonely writer Theodore in the final stages of his divorce develops an unlikely relationship with an operating system named Samantha who is designed to meet all of his needs.


Theodore really does need a pick me up considering his divorce with Catherine is almost complete, massively depressed and having a job where he does not actually need to do much real life communicating with other people he is a little bit stuck. Having a few friends in Amy and then Paul it was very easy to see how Samantha came into his life when he needed that companionship the most. An operating system upgrade that is actually a personal assistant with artificial intelligence who is designed to adapt and evolve over time.

I have to openly admit that I am sure I tried watching Her, once not long after its release and just felt it was a little odd and didn’t fully watch it all. I had then intended to change that over the past few years and eventually got the chance to watch the film and it fully took me in and I found myself feeling broken by different scenes, then judging myself because of that. I will attempt to explain that in greater depth!

The conversations he has with Samantha are about love and life which are extremely deep at times, offering massive support for his depression and making him actually smile and feel happy once again.

Given the changes in technology and how much we now actually have systems who turn on our lights, or TV and that we ask different questions about quite frankly everything, whether it be Siri or Alexa. It is not then a big push for an operating system to constantly be there for you to talk to and really know you because of your technology use. It actually feels like it could even been very comforting at times as well, that reassurance of always having someone to talk to.

The utterly genius and brilliance of ‘Her’ is that everyone at some point in their life will feel very alone and wish they had someone or should that be something to talk to that won’t judge them and only ever help them? The worst thing though (not in a bad way) was how utterly devastated I was when he was freaking out that she was doing the same with others and then gives a number of over 600 that she fell in love with and had been talking to thousands and I just felt utterly heartbroken (and then remembered it was not real). But damn that hurt. A lot.

Joaquin Phoenix is easily one of the best actors of his generation and each film I watch him in, I become an even bigger fan. He was so utterly helpless at times in this and then so damn cute, you couldn’t help but want everything to just work out for him with someone nice. The use of Scarlett Johansson’s voice as Samantha was probably the biggest game changer in the the film, they had to nail that voice and she certainly did that and then some. A bold and brave move not to have her as another character and on screen properly but more than paid off with her fun, carefree and even seductive voice work. Amy Adams and Rooney Mara as then the other actresses within the film were both very impressive in their respective roles and all offered the best support for Phoenix who really deserves so much more praise for his work in this film.

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