The Adam Project (2022) Review

In 2022 Adam is still coming to terms with the sudden death of his father a year earlier, when an injured pilot turns up at his house everything is about to get complicated when it is an older version of himself who has time travelled back.


Big Adam and Young Adam must then work together to stop certain events and in particular time travel itself. Something that his father Louis Reed had perfected but it was not fully used in the manner in which he intended when Maya Sorian abuses the way it was meant to be used.

There was something rather nice about a character working with his younger self as it then makes you wonder what you would think if being able to meet your younger self after 28 years! Would you even recognise yourself and more importantly would you just think you are annoying? But then how would you also think about how your older self looked, in the case for Adam he was impressed with the physique!

The plot twists around family and love and how if you could you would do anything to save just that or even be able to get it back after it was taken away from you. Another day or even just a little bit of time with those who have meant so much is certainly something everyone would want right?

The Adam Project is just so much damn fun and that has to be celebrated right? Especially when it’s a film that has come straight out on Netflix and we all know that those films can be very hit miss, this one though manages to balance the action and comedy whilst also having some lovely messages at its core. I’ll even totally admit that a few of the scenes hit me fully in all of the feels, and I may have been close to filling up with tears at one point!

Ryan Reynolds does this type of film so very well and that is something I will never get bored of, he has been in a few in recent years similar to this one and I lap them up I cannot deny it! Walker Scobell was impressive opposite Reynolds as the younger version of his character and believable as well. The rest of the cast were big names as well, I mean Mark Ruffalo can do no wrong and I will admit that I suddenly thought about 13 Going on 30 with him and Jennifer Garner as a married couple and quite frankly we can all just pretend that this is an extension of that film (don’t care about the years). Zoe Saldana and Catherine Keener making up the cast with the latter very impressive in an evil role!

2 thoughts on “The Adam Project (2022) Review

  1. Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo were awesome in this! It was like watching Bruce Banner interact with Deadpool when they shared the screen, but I’m not complaining because it was gold. Those two need to share a scene in the MCU.

    I thought it was a cute and funny movie. Good mixture of humor and heart tugging moments.

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    • It really was a nice little surprise, as I don’t know about you but I hold my breath when watching a Netflix original as they are very hit miss (with the odd few gems).


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