Consenting Adults (1992) Review

When Eddy and Kay Otis move in next door to Richard and Priscilla Parker, it seems that a great friendship is about to develop. Eddy lives life to the full and has many different tricks up his sleeve, although when he proposes the unthinkable will Richard be on a downward spiral?


Now the plot of Consenting Adults did sound a little bit out there and I pretty much thought it was going to two married couples that either swapped or both had affairs with each other. I was very wrong with that and how quite frankly this was a difficult watch when the events unfold.

Eddy could tell Richard fancied his wife Kay and wanted to be with her, he then goes into a fully messed up idea that late at night when both of their wives are asleep that they swap houses and have sex with the other. I mean I seriously don’t know how or why I didn’t abandon the film at that point as how bad is that?!?!

I feel this review will not really be all that constructive and it will just be complaining about the mess of a storyline, surely even in 1993 the idea of allowing someone to rape your wife was wrong? It has therefore aged even worse than you can imagine given the #MeToo movement and the talk around consent. Having sex with someone who is still asleep certainly does not have consent. I mean does this also highlight that its claiming it is ok for a married couple that even if your partner is asleep you can have sex with them?

It actually blows my mind that this was an ok storyline to use? I mean has it ever actually been ok? The fact it is called “Consenting Adults” when consent was not even a thing from everyone?!?!

The film somehow manages to get even worse as well with a faked murder and stealing of one life for another and all because Eddy just wants to be in control and take whatever he wants when he feels like it.

I’d easily say avoid this film. It has actually taken me a few weeks to even bother to put some words together, I wasn’t going to BUT I figured I can maybe save people from watching it if they haven’t already seen it as it is not a pleasant experience.

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