Cyrano (2021) Review

Cyrano de Bergerac is massively in love with his friend Roxanne, but too nervous of being rejected by her he ends up writing love letters for Christian who she believes she is in love with after seeing him once.


Cyrano manages to dazzle everyone with his wordplay in a verbal joust, managing to put everything together so elegantly but he is also incredible swordplay in an actual duel. Both of these skills don’t give him what he truly desires though, that being Roxanne.

Roxanne had been playing a rather dangerous game with Duke De Guiche leading him on and using him to take her places and for this he expects marriage. Not what she wanted after all she fell in love at first sight with Christian. However, the already tangled webs were about to get a little bit more intwined with three men all lusting and wanting Roxanne.

The mixture of war and love is put together in quite an easy to watch manner and I have to admit that I was not expecting the duel within the opening scene to end the way it did, I guess that is one plus of not fully knowing what I was letting myself in for with this film.

At times I thought the film was actually quite fantastic as I actually had no idea that it was a musical, and that was a rather nice little surprise. Well, until of course some of the songs were actually rather badly performed, I sort of guessed it was supposed to be like that though. My biggest issue with the film was that I just didn’t like the characters all that much, they were all more bothered about themselves than the others. Roxanne was not a nice person at all either and considering she had so many men chasing her was rather baffling right?

The best thing though was easily Peter Dinklage who really is outstanding from start to finish, really capturing so much emotion, sorrow and love and at times all three of those things at the same time. We all know by this point that he is an amazing actor and this really is a great way to showcase it. Kelvin Harrison Jr. has had some impressive roles in recent times as well, and this is another to add to his ever growing resume. Haley Bennett does have some good moments, and puts in an impressive performance as well but it was just the character that I did not like at all.

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