The Royal Treatment (2022) Review

By a total accident New York hairdresser Izzy meets Prince Thomas during his US trip and ends up being hired for the Royal Wedding.


Prince Thomas of Lavania is currently on a trip in New York City and has many royal engagements he must attend when he decides he needs a haircut he gets his assistant Walter to book an appointment. By a total fluke that her salon has a similar name to one of the top places in New York, Izzy get’s the phone call and is told that she will be paid $500 to do it!

Considering she more than needs the money having just dipped into the fund that she had saved up for her dream of travelling the world, she jumps at the chance. Although she does not last very long when she leaves after seeing how badly the housekeeping were treated in the hotel and she storms out. Prince Thomas wanting to prove that he is actually a nice person arrives at the salon to apologise and to finish the haircut!

Thomas is about to be married to Lauren, although neither want to marry the other as they hardly know anything about each other and are not in love at all. Being more forced by both of their parents and somewhat a marriage of convenience, each family gaining something from the union.

In the build up to the wedding Izzy and Thomas spend more time together and visit the local communities and look at different ways that they can help support those who really need it. Obviously they are going to fall in love and that was something we knew from the very first meeting!

Nothing about this film is a surprise and it follows that standard formula and from the first moment we know who is going to end up together. The thing is though it was actually quite a cute film, a lot more so than I actually thought it would be. Although Walter was easily the best character, so likeable and doing what he thought was best.

Laura Marano was decent enough in the leading role and had decent chemistry with Men Massoud (has he been typecast as a Prince or wannabe Prince?). Cameron Rhodes is the ultimate scene stealer though!

The biggest issue with the film was actually the very strange and ever changing accents from all different characters, nothing seemed to be set and quite frankly it was all over the place and therefore became very distracting at times.

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