In the Loop (2009) Review

A political satire about a group of American and British operatives attempting to prevent a war breaking out between the two countries.


When the US President and the British Prime Minster fancy going to war, no one else actually agrees that would be a good thing at all. This then creates a very amusing story and events that come from it, given that everyone just thinks its all totally ridiculous.

I guess given the nature of the UK government at the moment and the horrific way they have been behaving with Covid and the different lockdowns with having parties now coming out in the news and I can truly believe that some of them act like the characters in this film who are nothing more than joking about it all.

Considering I had never even heard of In the Loop until coming across it on Amazon Prime Video, it was actually quite a nice surprise. It actually was nominated for an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. Obviously the cast were the reason that I decided to give the film a shot and I was not disappointed with that.

Tom Hollander is a British actor who is utterly fantastic and so perfectly cast in this film, you can fully believe him as the bumbling Simon Foster in this one and being utterly set up to take the fall. He is such an engaging actor and I always enjoy him in whatever role he takes on, was nice to see him more in the lead for this one. Peter Capaldi, was hilarious and given a licence to use whatever language he wanted to with brilliant affect. Gina McKee was a strong female character which is always decent to watch.

James Gandolfini was a great addition when we got to the US and so perfectly cast as a Lt. General you really could see him as that character. I have really enjoyed catching up with his different roles after falling in love with The Sopranos. Harry Hadden-Paton is an actor I have been lucky enough to see on stage twice over the years and really enjoy then seeing him on screen in films. Anna Chlumsky, who I cannot help but think about from My Girl and in all honesty I don’t think I have seen her in much since that film!

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