My Son (2021) Review

In the Highlands, Edmond Murray receives a call from his ex-wife Joan that their 7 year old son went missing from a campsite and attempting to find out the truth of the kidnapping.


We quickly find out that Edmond had not been the best father and had been working away a lot and didn’t even bother to call his son on his last birthday. So now with him being missing with the kidnapping, helpless Edmond who is naturally suffering with extra guilt pretty much ends up on a rampage in an attempt to locate his son.

When Inspector Roy who was doing his very best is then told that the case is going to be taken on by National police they all know something bigger is behind the missing child. Joan had been struggling after another personal trauma and that does not leave her in a good frame of mind at all.

Edmond blames everyone and anyone for doing the crime and everything will eventually unfold as he has a phone with photos and videos on, this shows that the same car had been with them in different locations and this creates a lead for him to follow. His work in the Middle East had also been touted as a possible reason for the kidnapping.

This is an English remake of French film Mon garçon from 2017, by the same director Christian Carion. The same thing was done to James McAvoy as was in the original where he was not given a script and had to react and use his own dialogue in reaction to the other characters, this method was used in an attempt to get more realistic reactions of what a parent might say/do.

It does create some incredibly tense scenes but that was about it really, as everything else is a little bit flat. We just wonder if the son is still alive and if they will then find him in time or what else could possibly happen to him. In terms of performances I felt a little bit cheated about the lack of screen time or good scenes for Claire Foy who really deserved a lot better than this. James McAvoy with all of his dialogue unscripted is decent enough, but doesn’t really do anything outstanding to make it an amazing performance or anything like that. I actually love though that anything set in Scotland has Gary Lewis involved and cast in a role!

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