Scream (2022) Review

Twenty-five years since the original murders in Woodsboro and a Ghostface has returned which sees the original people including Sidney Prescott to return.


Scream or that should be Scream 5 really shouldn’t it? I do remember that was quite an issue even more the film was released with it having the same title as the original film. Although given some of the plot points it goes into I guess that the name choice makes a little bit of sense.

The opening scene is very similar to that from the 1996 film with the new Ghostface asking Tara how much she knows about “Stab” (You know the name of what Scream is within the Scream films we are watching is Stab in that world after the “real murders”). I mean it gets to the point where I was wondering if it was all becoming a parody of itself, more on that later!

Tara Carpenter was the first attempted victim, that’s right she doesn’t actually die just stabbed a few times and a broken leg which sees her admitted to hospital and her friends rallying around her, including Amber Freeman, Mindy and Chad Meeks-Martin, Wes Hicks who calls her sister Sam who had left years earlier. Sam panics and rushes back especially as she has a very dark secret that even her younger sibling does not know.

Sam brings with her boyfriend Richie Kirsch and together as a group they attempt to work out who the killer behind the Ghostface mask is. Accusing each other at different times and quite frankly making it all seem like one big joke when they constantly watch the Stab films and remind each other of the “rules”, you know not going somewhere alone.

To create the link to the original murders and attempted killing of Sidney Prescott, this sees Dewey Riley being asked by the group to help him as a former sheriff. Gale Weathers isn’t far behind him despite being warned not to return and gain the same for Sidney.

My biggest issue with the film was as I mentioned earlier that it really felt like it was being a parody of itself with the “legacy characters” being mentioned and having to be brought back. A tongue in cheek attack on fans of franchises who complain about the latest films as they don’t go in the direction they personally wanted.

I have to admit that I did guess the killers quite early on but maybe not the full reasons behind it all. I actually did not have enough knowledge of the franchise to remember what fully happened in the first film, it had been a few years since I last watched it. Never mind though, I gave this one a shot and was actually quite pleased to see the response from big fans of the films as everyone deserves enjoyment!

The second star was for the kick ass female characters as let’s face it we still need them more than ever and that was pretty decent towards the end. I was actually also impressed with the talented young cast that they put together who are very recognisable from different TV series as well as film.

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