Up Close & Personal (1996) Review

Tally Atwater is an ambitious young woman who wants nothing more than to build her career as a television journalist and be taken seriously while doing it! Warren Justice becomes somewhat of a mentor to her and they fall in love in the process.


Up Close & Personal manages to highlight how a woman doesn’t have to make a choice between her career and love, that you can easily have them both and be very happy.

Warren Justice was once a very highly regarded journalist but when something went wrong one day he was then pushed aside and his career had dwindled down, he was still always researching and looking for another big story. When Tally or should that be Sally, arrives in his life it feels as though it is at just the right time, she is everything he needs and vice versa. He helps her build a persona but also reminds her that she also has to care about the stories she is reporting on, going that extra mile.

“Every day we have is one more than we deserve.”

That quote absolutely floored me and the film has a few more amazing exchanges between Warren and Tally which was not what I was expecting when the film first started. I really thought it was going to be fully focused on the news as such rather than a passionate love story. It manages to balance both of those things and highlights the true dangers that journalists go through to break a story and make a difference reporting back on the news for the world.

It pushes the limits and really shows just how drastic some of the measures are from journalists and the risks that they must take in order to get that story. We see Tally stuck in a prison and then Warren travelling abroad. It is probably a good thing both ways that they truly understand why they feel like they must make certain job related choices.

Robert Redford has so much charm and charisma it really is just a joy to watch, the chemistry this then creates with Michelle Pfeiffer is a joy to watch, as she has just as much charisma on screen. I have enjoyed watching them both in films over the years and seeing them together really is such a joy. The passion they created was even better than I could have imagined and the intimate scenes work in the best possible manner.

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