Wild Mountain Thyme (2020) Review

In Ireland two families are having a dispute with one another over land, as Rosemary Muldoon and Anthony Reilly seem destined to be together?


This was a very difficult film to watch and I feel trying to put together a constructive review is going to be even more difficult. I seriously struggled to get past the truly awful accents that were used by some of the actors within the film and found it utterly distracting from everything else about the film. Emily Blunt at times sounded Jamaican which makes you really wonder why they didn’t cast Irish actors or why they didn’t have correct dialect training? Christopher Walken was another that was so miscast with the accent as well.

The story could have been ok with the thought of the two families and the fact that Anthony really had no idea that Rosemary was so in love and obsessed with him, but the chemistry for this was truly lacking. When Adam who is an American cousin turns up and wants to buy the farm this is about to throw everything all over the place. Then in utterly ridiculous fashion Rosemary even flies to New York City for just one day and spends it with Adam, I mean really flying to NYC for just a day?

The film just felt like a total mess with the characters failing, I mean Jamie Dornan being Irish therefore already having a good accent was the only positive thing about this film, which really was such a shame as it could have been so much more. I couldn’t get passed Blunt’s accent and actually shocked that it was deemed to be a good idea.

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