Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar (2021) Review

When lifelong friends Barb and Star lose their jobs they decide to go on an adventure of a lifetime by leaving the small town they live in for the very first time! This sees them travel to Vista Del Mar in Florida, little did they expect to get caught up in a plot to kill everyone by an evil villain.


The fact that Barb and Star had never left the small town and pretty much had everything revolve around the job they had in a store. Spending time with friends where they had to pull out the conversation topic from a jar and they were not allowed to talk about anything else, I guess that really highlights just how dull their life really was.

On arrival in Florida they are very much over the top and quite frankly do not have the best social skills at all, managing to get into the nicer hotel instead of the motel they had originally booked. While this was happening eccentric villain Sarah Fisherman has a plot against Vista Del Mar in the works, which stems back to a childhood incident which has caused her a lot of trauma. She sends Edgar who works for her to plant the beacon for the killer mosquitos, he is in love with her and will do anything she asks.

It’s not long before Edgar meets Barb and Star and they drink a lot together that first night, the friendship of the pair is pushed to the limit when they cannot resist this attractive man. Although it is Star who starts a relationship with him and even pretends to be sick so she can see him, leaving Barb to start doing the activities they had planned together on her own.

This is a very strange film though as at times I thought it was utterly terrible, but then at times I thought it was actually funny and off the wall. The way it is put together and the storyline strangely works out in a decent way, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had seen the positive buzz around the film but it is watchable and something just that little bit different.

The performances from Kristen Wiig who takes on two roles and Annie Mumolo show that they work very well together and considering they also both wrote the script they were extremely committed to the characters and story. Jamie Dornan is the true star of the film though and quite frankly all three of the stars I’ve given it are probably for him, not taking himself too seriously and fully jumping into the ridiculous nature of some of the scenes. I mean the song he does on the beach is utterly hilarious and brilliant at the same time. I also loved the very brief cameo from Andy Garcia looking great as well, was very unexpected!

This film won’t be for everyone and has some good and bad moments but certainly enjoyable and daft enough to watch.

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