Mass (2021) Review

Years after a violent tragedy two couples agree to meet up and talk about the event which occurred, this involved both of their sons in very different ways.


We are shown into a church and a room that has been set up for some people to use, it slowly develops that it is for a meeting of two sets of parents who need to have a very difficult conversation. I spent this time trying to work out what this could be over and what happened in the tragic event. I liked the way it was slowly brought out and then discussed once the couples had arrived.

Jay and Gail had driven into the small town and as they were approaching the church, Gail was unsure if she could actually go through with it or not. Linda and Richard arrived after them and they were all then left by Kendra. As the tragedy unfolds we find out that Linda and Richard’s son killed Jay and Gail’s son along with many others at school, in what was a shooting.

I found this discussion to be incredibly engaging and utterly heartbreaking at the same time, as while we might hear about this horrendous events in the media I had never thought about this aftermath and the parents of not only the victims but the parents of the killer as well. Surely at some point this now teenage killer was just a very normal child and nothing out of the ordinary? Well, that was something that Gail really wanted to know. She wanted to know if Linda as a mother had noticed anything off about her son even when he was very young.

It is extremely emotional to go through the process and you find yourself feeling sorry for each of the characters at different points and for very different reasons. The worst thing about the whole situation is that you will never actually get the full truth or answers when it all ended in death. Coming to terms with your child becoming a killer must be one of the worst things and then comparing to your child being killed when at school, which should be a safe place.

With only four main acting performances with a few small cameos it was always going to heavily rely on some outstanding acting performances, we don’t get any flashbacks or other scenes we are in that room as well. We feel trapped and have to listen and go through all of the hurt and pain with them.

Jason Isaacs, Martha Plimpton, Ann Dowd and Reed Birney were all utterly fantastic and I cannot single any of them out to be better than any of the others as they were all that good, keeping it all engaging and really hitting hard at times as well. The frustrations of the feelings and laying it all down, stripped back and not leaving anything. It really felt as though this should have been on a stage and would have made an incredible play.

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