Encanto (2021) Review

In Colombia Mirabel must face the frustration of being the only member of her family who does not have magical powers, she must realise her purpose and how she can still help protect and support them without the powers.


Encanto is another visually stunning work from Disney with so many colours looking truly magnificent in 4K glory and that is certainly a highlight, although nothing short of what we have all come to expect from the more recent Disney films. It was really nice that this premiered on Disney+ on Christmas Eve as well.

Unfortunately though it didn’t grip me as much as other films have in recent times and while I had no idea about the story before watching it and despite some of the musical numbers being catchy it just didn’t capture me that much at all.

The Madrigals who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia have a magical house and in a vibrant town which is a charming place called Encanto. The magic from this blesses each child in the family with a unique gift all expect Mirabel. When she discovers that the magic surrounding it all in danger she is it as despite being ordinary she could be the last hope for her family.

Another issue I feel with this is that Mirabel is actually only supposed to be 15 years old and I am not sure about anyone else but I got the vibes of her being easily in her 20s. I know this may seem like a rather trivial thing but surely the age you place a character at has a little bit of an impact?

The underlying issues that they must face include being able to accept family members for the mistakes they make as well as the gifts they actually possess. That getting Bruno back with them is actually a very important aspect and that more to a life than the actual house. They are all more than the home they think is the pinnacle of everything.

While I have mentioned that the songs were catchy, which was very true not really memorable after watching which is a little bit of a shame as usually at least one song would be stuck in your head. Don’t get me wrong though I would happily give this film a second viewing.

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