Julie Madly Deeply (West End) Review

Sarah-Louise Young
Michael Roulston

Date: Thursday 23rd December 2021 (3pm)

Venue: Park Theatre


Julie Madly Deeply is a unique and loverly tribute to the stage and screen legend that is Dame Julie Andrews. Sarah-Louise Young never proclaims to trying to be Julie Andrews but that she is a big fan and will do everything possible to highlight her fandom by telling the story of Julie’s life and career while also singing her songs, not forgetting Liza Minnelli showing up a few times! Starting out when she was a young child and how she got into singing and the rather tough upbringing that she had, then everything that would go to follow. Marriages and children, attempting to balance that with changing her career and image from the much loved musicals star.

Sarah-Louise Young is infectious in her fandom and passion for Dame Julie and this is what utterly makes the show so special and unique, especially when talking about getting to see her on stage back in 2010 and I can totally remember when this was announced and will forever regret not trying to get tickets to that event! Not forgetting her ability to put on so many voices in terms of different characters but also when singing as well, yes I am thinking about Liza again!

Michael Roulston on the keyboard and accompanying the singing as well as someone to bounce off works so well and you can really tell that he has been working with Young for a long time as it is all just so natural and flows at such a great pace.

The balance between the story telling of her life and background, with the placement of the songs really did work so well adding in comedic moments as well with the talking to the audience. I loved the part about everyone being a big fan, or dragged along by a big fan! I couldn’t help but feel so pleased that I stumbled across this show back in November and booked a ticket. The Park Theatre is a small venue which holds 200 people and that was certainly a very different experience for me, seeing a show like this was refreshing and made me realise that I really need to discover more performances like this as so much heart and soul is poured into it.

In terms of My Fair Lady, I am convinced that we will never ever get over that despite all of the West End and Broadway performances Julie was overlooked for the film and quite frankly that will never ever make any sense whatsoever. The Sound of Music as mentioned in the show is often the main thing that people will relate to Julie and often the first thing they discover her in, and the tribute section to that and along with the incredible dress at the start of act 2 is just utterly perfect in every possible way (yes, I meant that Mary Poppins cross over quote).

Something that this performance confirmed is that I really am such a huge fan of Dame Julie Andrews and always will be, made me think of my Nanna Hannah and how I would make her watch Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music over and over again with me!

Julie Madly Deeply is running at the Park Theatre in London until 1st January 2022 (Book tickets here).

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