Frozen the Musical (West End) Review

Samantha Barks – Elsa
Stephanie McKeon – Anna
Craig Gallivan – Olaf
Oliver Ormson – Hans
Obioma Ugoala – Kristoff
Richard Frame – Weselton
Ashley Birchall – Sven
Mikayla Jade – Sven
Kanon Narumi – Young Anna
Freya Scott – Young Elsa

Date: Tuesday 21st December 2021


The Disney film phenomenon that really took things in a different direction and allowed everything to change (for the better) has been given the stage show makeover with all the moments and songs that are loved from the film, with some new songs added in. 

The thing is Let It Go was well and truly written and performed to be belted out on a stage and quite frankly it is an incredible moment and done so amazingly well, with a stunning transformation into that blue glittery dress. Serious hairs on the back of your neck standing up moment, that was something I was more than expecting but the anticipation of how it would actually go was really good. The way the ice palace looked was outstanding and really helped create that edge and background for the show stopping number.

It’s certainly a very good time and fans of the film really will be in for a treat, in terms of musical theatre though other than Let It Go everything else feels just average and ok. Nothing wrong with that though as visually it really does look very good, with the changing of the scenery. The ice palace, glitters and looks as stunning Elsa’s dress. 

The stage set up was very good as well, something that shows no expense was spared, with the freezing moments looking very effective and real. Great use of lighting for the icy impact. I was very curious of how they were going to have Olaf and the method has been used in shows before and managed to add in some extra humour.  

Samantha Barks is a truly exceptional talent and this is the first time I have seen her on stage since seeing her originate the role of Vivian in Pretty Woman on Broadway back in November 2018. I just knew she was going to absolutely nail “Let It Go” and was very excited for that part of the show, with it being the closing number before the interval was very special and quite frankly she deserved a standing ovation at that point! Given the nature of the character she is not on stage constantly, given some new songs which were good as well.

Stephanie McKeon is just as good as Anna and the pair really do make a very good team on stage, this is surely something that has to be spot on for that relationship to work and for you to care as an audience member. McKeon manages to balance the playful nature of Anna as well as having a fantastic voice and she does get to show that off with her musical numbers.

We loved to hate Oliver Ormson right? I mean come on Hans is easily the worst Disney villain of all time ever? Ok, maybe slightly over the top but what I am trying to say is Ormson captured that hatred in his acting. Whilst also providing some good comedy with McKeon for ‘Love Is An Open Door’. Obioma Ugoala was a joy as Kristoff and had great presence on stage which was more than essential for that role. Craig Gallivan brought the comedy as Olaf and quite frankly all of the kids in the audience really were loving that character so much.

It is never easy to capture the Disney magic on stage but do you know what the teams behind these productions really do absolutely nail it every time in terms of capturing it on stage, this means that the sets are visually outstanding and really help add and create that feeling on stage. The performances are certainly very good as well and this cast were very impressive.

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