Back to the Future The Musical (West End) Review

Will Haswell – Marty McFly
Roger Bart – Doc Brown
Hugh Coles – George McFly
Rosanna Hyland – Lorraine Baines
Cedric Neal – Goldie Wilson/Marvin Berry
Courtney-Mae Briggs – Jennifer Parker
Morgan Gregory – Biff Tannen
Ryan Heenan – Dave McFly
Emma Lloyd – Linda McFly

Date: Wednesday 22nd December 2021
Venue: Adelphi Theatre


Great Scott, this is visually so pleasing to witness. Capturing all the moments from the much loved film and bringing it well and truly to life with some incredible new songs with some catchy lyrics to link things together within the story.

Marty McFly is not impressed with the people his parents were and he was about to embark on an adventure that would forever change his opinions on them. Let’s face it as teenagers do we ever actually think anything is good about our parents? We also believe that they never felt the way we did, Marty will experience that they are people and have more to them that just being his parents. 

The car certainly had a scene stealing moment when it first appeared and quite frankly I expected nothing less. Big props on stage always seem to work in the best possible way. That being no different, also very pleased I was in the McFly zone as my god that was a truly epic moment! So much is based around the DeLorean and its an aspect of the film that everyone has always loved and talked about over the years.

Considering nearly everyone (I wanted to claim that everyone would have seen the film) knows and loves the film then it has a certain expectation. The brilliance about the show is being able to get those much loved moments shown and that is spot on! The clock tour, how the different rooms and areas look, then those lights!!! Honestly the lights really make it one of the best shows I have seen for the effects and it really is one of those productions that really deserve to be talked about so much more!

Roger Bart is inspirational casting as Doc Brown, his mannerisms and comedic timing are utterly breathtaking. He is rather well known across different films and TV shows as well as Broadway so to have someone of his calibre is exactly what a top show really needs. Making Doc Brown more than his own, with some moments that you can only feel were a tribute to Christopher Lloyd. A truly interesting character and to see that type of performance live on a stage is truly special.

The true star of the show was well and truly Hugh Coles as George McFly the way he moved, laughed and quite frankly acted was outstanding. Transferring that awkward character from screen to stage can certainly not be an easy task, given the physical he must move around. Rosanna Hyland was delightful as Lorraine Baines/McFly given those two very different versions of the character to take on.

Will Haswell was on as Marty McFly and he was outstanding from the first moment he appeared on stage to the last, and quite frankly I couldn’t help but think that he looked a lot like a young Christian Slater! Morgan Gregory was Biff Tannen in this performance and he had truly fantastic charisma and was both menacing and charming in the role all at the same time. Cedric Neal was another who was fantastic as well, really pushing everything and being such a joy to watch.

I feel the true genius was actually the moments where it laughed at itself, in terms of the story. I mean you know Marty being hit on by his own Mother and different comments were made about this and that certainly made it even more entertaining. Even some of the dialogue around the time continuum as let’s face it the film and plot does have some holes, but this so perfectly accepts them!

‘The Power of Love’ was a song that was written for the original 1985 film and features in the musical, along with the new songs. I felt as though ‘Got No Future’ and ‘Hello – Is anybody home?’ hit quite hard as emotional and thought provoking songs. I also really enjoyed the comedic value of ‘Future Boy’ as well as ’21st Century’, considering before seeing the show I had not listened to any of the songs, I know that they are going to sound even better when I hit the soundtrack on repeat.

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. The car flying at the end is quite frankly one of my most favourite theatre moments.

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