20 Years of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring!

I seriously cannot believe that it has been twenty years now since Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring was released in cinemas. I remember going to the cinema to see it as well, although not fully understanding what exactly it was but I can safely say that I had never witnessed anything like it before and the debate to whether we will ever witness anything on this scale again is very much up for debate.

One of the only pluses about the lockdown last year and when the cinemas reopening they did not have a whole lot of films and Lord of the Rings got a cinema release and they only went and put the extended editions on the big screen (the only editions now really) and I went to see all three of them twice within ten days of the big screen, as Odeon screened them first and then when Cineworld added them in I just had to go again. That was amazing that 19 years on and I still love them more than ever. While I may not watch them on repeat as much as I used to and in particular Fellowship of the Ring, my obsession with the film came a year after the cinematic release when I got the extended edition on DVD that looks like a fancy book. I would seriously watch it and then start it al over again, I have watched them all with the cast commentary and every single special feature.

It’s safe to say I was utterly obsessed with Middle Earth, I managed to read all of the books as well before Return of the King was released and I was just well taken into this magical world. If there was no Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings then you would not be reading this and Let’s Go To The Movies would not exist. It was the film that really grew my love for cinema and how amazing films could really be, no other films have made me feel the way this trilogy did and I don’t think anything will ever come that close. I felt part of the Fellowship and wanted to be on that journey with them, given the way the filming was done we really did feel that way when it came to watching the cast off set as well as on set. I was a member on some Lord of the Rings forums (anyone who is old enough to remember what an Internet forum is) as well as an Orlando Bloom forum. I have never hidden my fangirl moments over Bloom, which all seemed from Fellowship of the Ring, albeit I was slightly disappointed the first time I found out he didn’t actually have blonde hair. Hey, I was 14 years old?

Everything about it was so spectacular when it came to the mini models that were actually then a certain size and the way the CGI was put into the film with a lot still being filmed on locations around New Zealand, creating the Middle Earth image that Peter Jackson et al so effortlessly seemed to build for us all to enjoy. Although it was not that simple at all that’s for sure it was a tough and long battle to make these films given the scale of it all that’s clear to understand why.

My then love for theatre has meant that I have been lucky enough to see Sir Ian McKellen twice, the first time in No Man’s Land in Newcastle and then again when he brought his 80th Birthday celebration show “Ian McKellen on Stage” back and both were utterly amazing nights. I even got to go to a talk with Sir Ian at the Theatre Royal which was about No Man’s Land and his career on the whole and he was utterly amazing. Orlando Bloom was in Killer Joe and I managed to get a ticket sorted and had a lovely trip to London, although it would have been slightly better if my friend who also shared the Bloom and LOTR love could have came with me. Anyway all of that is because of the LOTR fandom and I have tried to follow the careers of most of the actors over the years.

While yes I was a total Orlando Bloom fangirl and obviously loved Legolas, it was Aragon who I loved the most. Yes, I am fully aware that he is a fictional character but I really do not care as he is one of the best characters we have had on screen. From that initial meeting where he was known as Strider a ranger who was lurking in the dark, although at the right time for the Hobbits. This is also one of those things that we are lucky that the casting changed at the very last minute to get Viggo Mortensen in place of Stuart Townsend.

The sense of adventure for the characters is truly inspiring and quite frankly don’t we all hope to have some kind of adventure at some point in our lives? Well, I still really hope so. I mean surely that all stems from Bilbo and his longing to explore away from the Shire. I mean so many moments are just perfect and incredible, seeing Rivendell and as they explore the mountains.

I’ve actually always felt really sorry for anyone who doesn’t like or hasn’t seen LOTR as they really are missing out on what is fantastic cinema, characters and the whole adventure of it all. I mean I love nothing more than emerging myself in a totally different world.

Once again thank you Peter Jackson for bringing the incredible work of JRR Tolkien to life in a totally different way to reading the books.

I guess the only downside was that we didn’t get a 20th anniversary cinema re-release like what was done with the Harry Potter series? 2001, was such a different time though wasn’t it. Still at school and witnessing an incredible film like this! What are your memories of the release of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring?

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