Silent Night (2021) Review

In what looks like families and friends coming together to celebrate a lovely Christmas together, it will take a rather dark turn as the world appears to be somewhat ending!


*This review contains spoilers*

Nell and Simon host a wonderful Christmas with their opinionated son Art and his younger siblings Hardy and Thomas, friends coming to spend the time together before everything will end. A mysterious thing is about to hit the air and people are told that they cannot survive it at all. I mean watching this with Covid still going on and the government constantly changing the guidance and what they are saying with new variants may or may not make this a little bit more haunting in that sense!

Please don’t be fooled by this film being a lovely new Christmas film as it certainly is not all cheesy or anything like that. Which I guess is one of the reasons I found myself really enjoying it, as it has dared to be very different and putting in the end of the world on Christmas Day for the people.

The morals that the storyline makes you think about is actually rather terrifying, the option and decision of taking a pill to kill yourself before you die a slow painful death with what is about to hit in the air. Although we are never really given a whole lot of information about this but when you then add in parents making children take the pill then it is a very difficult subject matter that is for sure. We see the characters dealing with the impending deaths in very different ways, arguments, trying to make jokes and even getting extremely drunk. This does naturally make you wonder what you think you would do in that situation.

The performances are rather good and I have been very curious to see what Roman Griffin Davis would do after his utterly breathtaking and star making performance in Jojo Rabbit, directed by his mother in this film which she also wrote was a very good choice and she allowed him to really show off his impressive acting ability. Keira Knightley dares to take on different types of roles now and I really have been a fan of her career in recent years. Also adding Matthew Goode into the equation was another bonus in my opinion.

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