Cineworld Secret Screening 14 – Possible Films

Cineworld are planning on starting 2022 off with a lovely treat for Unlimited card holders with the 14th Secret Screening! I do love nothing more than trying to guess which film and I think I have managed to have two right guesses.

Just a reminder for anyone who is going off the 15 rating and 90 minute run time that is listed on the Cineworld listing, that is never right at all they do that to try and keep it more of a secret with what the film could possibly be.

Date: Wednesday 5th January 2022

Boiling Point (7th January)
This actually has screenings at Odeon on the 5th January, which would make it a rather disappointing secret screening in that sense.

The 355 (7th January)
Action spy films are always worth a watch, right?

Scream (14th January)
I mean this could possibly be rated 18? Or will be 18 which would rule it out but I can’t find a rating currently listed for the UK. The first three are all rated 18 but the 4th is a 15, so I guess it could be a possibility.

Cyrano (14th January)
Sounds like Peter Dinklage is a similar character to that in Game of Thrones.

Memoria (14th January)
This is the type of film that would benefit from a screening like this to get more people talking about it, given that they probably wouldn’t usually go and see it.

Sesame Street (14th January)
I mean I really really hope it’s not this!

Operation Mincemeat (14th January)
A very British cast in a British film.

Nightmare Alley (21st January)
Now this would be an absolutely amazing preview, Guillermo del Toro is an outstanding director and this has a every impressive cast. I would personally love it if this is the film!

Belfast (21st January)
I’ve heard quite a lot about this film and it would be another great choice, in terms of a smaller film that wouldn’t get the massive amount of viewers.

Sing 2 (28th January)
I have been lucky enough to have seen this with a screener, so would be a possibility that I would actually leave the screening if it was this film.

A Journal for Jordan (28th January)
This one certainly sounds like an emotional journey and I mean who doesn’t enjoy Michael B. Jordan?

The Eyes of Tammy Faye (4th February)
The creation of a religious broadcast network, Jessica Chastain and Andrew Garfield are the leads!

Death on the Nile (11th February)
Would be a bit of a long shot as it will be rather popular anyway.

The Duke (25th February)
I’ve added in this one as its actually got 2020 listed as the film’s year on IMDb which means it has been waiting a long time for a release, with Jim Broadbent and Helen Mirren in it certainly a possible option?

Which film do you really hope it will be?

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