A Christmas Number One (2021) Review

Nina Cutter wants nothing more than for her uncle Blake Cutter to be happy and find love. He writes a Christmas song for her which just happens to be a possibility to make it to Christmas number one!


Blake Cutter still dreams of being a rock star although that does seem to be slipping away from him as he is getting older, writing strange songs for the heavy metal band with uninspiring lyrics. When his niece Nina who has terminal cancer convinces him to write her a Christmas song, they never dreamed it would have the chance to become this years Christmas number one.

Meghna Rai was transferred from a record labels New York office to London, after a rather public relationship with a client Ranelle Spear went very wrong. She meets Blake very quickly and they do not get on, but when she hears his song which went somewhat viral on social media her boss Grainger Cocksmith wants to buy the song and have a boyband release it.

I think with this film if it had been released 10-15 years ago it might have been more relevant in terms of songs battling for Christmas number one, I feel that due to online music and now streaming it is not quite the same as having a battle for that honour. Although I guess we can blame the X factor for killing that competition as it was pretty much nailed on that the winner would get Christmas number one. I guess that means we can use this as somewhat nostalgia?

Social media and live streaming is used a lot from Nina and this offers a slightly different approach, opening the story up to different generations. I have to admit from the opening scene to then jumping forward a year I really was not expecting for terminal cancer to then be part of the story, which I guess makes it all even more difficult.

The film tries so very hard and I have to give it credit for that, the story and the performances. I was surprised to see Alfie Boe as I had no idea he was in the film! Helena Zengel is easily the standout and has some fantastic scenes. Iwan Rheon must do everything possible to make us all forget about Ramsey Bolton right? Freida Pinto was decent enough as well. Richard Fleeshman has come along way since Coronation Street and I was lucky enough to see him in Company on the West End in 2018, watch the post credit scene with him more than worth it!

The issue was the forced love story that wasn’t really linked with any sparks between the pair, but I guess that was what was then needed to try and bring everything together? I really did want to like and enjoy this film more, it was just a truly difficult one to get into given the mashed up subject matters, poking fun at boybands and then having it all set at and around Christmas.

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