Single All the Way (2021) Review

Peter has grown tired of his family wanting him to be with someone and convinces his best friend and housemate Nick to pose as his boyfriend, but this doesn’t really work when his mother Carole tries to set him up with James her personal trainer, returning hoe for Christmas just got a little bit complicated.


The thing is though before his Christmas trip Peter truly things everything will be different this year as he has been really enjoying the guy he had been dating, until of course he finds out he was in fact married (to a woman) with children! He had even agreed to go home with him, so that could have been an even bigger disaster. Living in LA is a very different to New Hampshire where Peter was originally from and heading back home would really give him something to think about this year.

Harold (Peter’s father) actually tells Nick that he thought he was perfect for Peter and that was when he has seen his son at his happiest. His sisters Lisa and Ashleigh arrive along with Aunt Sandy who directs the children’s Christmas pageant. Sogia and Daniela, his nieces cannot understand why he is not with Nick so another plan comes about to try and get them together.

Everything about Single All the Way is utterly wonderful, I seriously found myself enjoying the film so much. It gave me When Harry Met Sally vibes given the way the storyline changes and develops from friends to lovers. Peter dating James as well was actually quite good as he was a nice guy and it gave some good moments in that sense as well.

I have to say that I am impressed with this one from Netflix and while yes it still has some very cheesy Christmas moments it actually has a lovely story to its core and that is often lacking in this type of Christmas film. I seriously couldn’t recommend it more as it really was such a joy to watch. I mean I could easily find myself watching this one again before Christmas in a couple of weeks.

The balance of the different characters just really works and highlights that most families have similar or the same issues and challenges. It doesn’t really say that being single is an issue but that your family just want you to be happy with someone who is right for you and can make you happy. I don’t really think you can complain about that? I am sure that is what everyones families want for them.

Michael Urie is a breath of fresh air in the leading role and I seriously believe he is the main reason for the film working so much and the joy he brings to it all. Philemon Chambers was great opposite him and the spark can be felt between the characters. The supporting cast are very impressive as well, as a massive Rocky Horror fan I cannot help by be overjoyed to see Brad, sorry Barry Bostwick in a film! Kathy Najimy was great alongside Bostwick who were very supportive and passionate parents. Jennifer Coolidge was rather hilarious as well, although is she typecast in that very similar type of role? I always feel like it stems from her character in Legally Blonde.

This could quite possibly be the best new Christmas film for 2021.

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